Small slab pinch-form bowls

Rolled and cut out 98 small slab circles for bowls with leftover scrap pieces of slabs used for the slab vases. These will be pinched-formed into small bowls when they are dry and stiff enough.

Turns out that the disks dried in a matter of hours so I was able to shape them the same day.

Pinch bowls drying.

Finally, nice weather

Finally got a sunny, windy day perfect for drying pottery. Trimmed all the dinner plates and attached the bases to the Ikebana vases. Now only thing left to do is trim the feet on the serving platters when they are dry and pray for continued dry weather.

Continuing work on the Hilo order

Finished assembling 3 more slab ikebana vases (16″ x 5″ x 5″ height) for the gallery/showroom in Hilo order. Started trimming wheel-thrown dinner plates but wet weather again left the plates too wet to trim effectively so I decided to throw 4 platters for the order using 6# Bmix clay each.

Slab-built Ikebana vases
Platters drying

Ikebana Vase

Rainy day. Managed to assemble only 1 Ikebana Vase for gallery/showroom order in Hilo. Used Death Valley clay, dimensions = 16″ long x 5″ tall x 5″ deep.

Ikebana vase for gallery/showroom order in Hilo

Continued Slab Work

Finished molding the rest of the slab plates and rolled out slabs for 4 custom Ikebana vases for the gallery/showroom order in Hilo (finished size = 14″ wide, x 4″ tall x 4″ deep) using B-mix clay (2) and Death Valley clay (2).