Wednesday, 5/18/2022

Fired the Bailey glaze kiln in 11 hours and 30 minutes (30 minutes reduction at the end) using 11% propane. Pyrometer not working and 1 of 2 cones fell over (either cone 9 or cone 10) so firing could turn out badly.

Shipped out Lawai order via FedEx. Packed pottery to be shipped out to Glenn’s Flowers and Plants next week.

Tuesday, 5/17/2022

Unloaded the Bailey glaze kiln and reloaded the Bailey kiln for a glaze fire tomorrow. The 2 Corelite shelves worked great with no visible distortions and the pottery doesn’t stick to the shelves at all.

Sanded the fired pottery and packed the Lawai order for FedEx pickup tomorrow.

Front row
Back row
Samin and tea bowls for Lawai
Mugs for Lawai and other pottery for inventory

Sunday, 5/15/2022

Fired the Bailey glaze kiln in 12 hours with a 20 minute reduction at the end. Used 13% propane. Thermocouple on the pyrometer failed near the end of the firing (1 wire corroded and broken inside of the protective ceramic sleeve).

Started to glaze all remaining bisque pottery to be included in a inventory glaze firing on Wednesday.

Saturday, 5/14/2022

Finished glazing and loaded the Bailey kiln mostly with the remainder of the Lawai order for a glaze firing tomorrow.