Thursday, 12/2/2021

Formed plates for an order with the slabs rolled out yesterday.

Threw 20 mugs for an order.

Packed pottery for the VAC Gallery and will deliver it tomorrow.

Customer from Volcano came by to pick up Kilauea ash glazed slab plate order.

Tuesday, 11/30/2021

Shipped out pottery to Maui via FedEx.

Threw 3 large fruit bowls (14″ wide x 4″ tall) using 8 lbs Bmix clay each for an order and inventory.

Rolled out 2 slabs (8″ x 16″x 3/8″) and 2 slabs (12″ x 12″ x 3/8″) for an order and inventory using recycled Bmix clay.

Customers from Hilo came by to pick up pottery.

Threw 8 pasta bowls w/corners ( 9.75″ wide x 2.25″ tall) for an order and inventory using 2.875 lbs B mix each.