Samples of Recent Work

Vase fired on 12/22/2021.

Large 4-cornered dinner plates from the 12/22/2021 firing.

Pasta bowls from the 12/17/2021 firing for a client in Hilo.

Rice bowls from the 11/26/2021 firing.

Partial order of a 6 piece dinnerware set for a Maui client fired on 11/23/2021.

Tenmoku glazed lotus pot with Chun White glaze on the rim for a Kula, Maui client from the 10/26/2021 firing.

An order of dinnerware from the 10/20/2021 firing heading to Grand Junction, Colorado.

4-cornered dinner plate made with Death Valley clay, decorated with white slip & Flambe Blue glaze swirl all covered with a clear glaze. Part of an order for a client in Kona from the 10/20/2021 firing.

Slab-built platter from the 9/20/2021 firing.

Slab vase 27″ tall from the 8/21/2021 firing.

Order of Dinner Plates (8/21/2021 firing)

Mugs from the 8/1/2021 firing.

An order of dinner plates for a Volcano Village resident from the 7/24/2021 firing.

Vases at the Nalu Builds Gallery (7/7/2021).

Pasta bowls from the 7/3/20201 firing.

Tumblers from the 5/23/2021 firing.
Slab serving platter with Ohia wood ash and Kilauea volcanic ash glazes (3/7/2021 firing)

Sake flask with guinomi cups (3/7/2021 firing).

Part of an order of dinnerware

Large slab-built vases

Tenmoku glazed vase with wax-resist pattern
An order of plates and bowls
Turquoise-matt glazed vase
Coffee mugs