Continued nice weather and customers from Hilo

Pottery really drying well with continued nice weather. Pieces thrown yesterday and the day before are ready for trimming and may be ready for the bisque fire next week if the weather continues to be good.

Long-time customers from Hilo dropped by this afternoon to pick up some pottery.

Sauce bowls & rice bowls

Threw 22 sauce bowls (12# Death Valley clay) and 10 rice bows (12# Death Valley clay) for inventory. After several days of rain, we got an afternoon of sunny weather which really helps the pottery to dry. Hope to do a bisque fire early next week.

Small slab pinch-form bowls

Rolled and cut out 98 small slab circles for bowls with leftover scrap pieces of slabs used for the slab vases. These will be pinched-formed into small bowls when they are dry and stiff enough.

Turns out that the disks dried in a matter of hours so I was able to shape them the same day.

Pinch bowls drying.