Applied white slip decoration to Death Valley tumblers. Trimmed small Bmix tumblers and soup bowls with corners.

Kainoa & Nelson Makua’s Exhibition

Finished trimming the tumblers (Death Valley clay) and the Bmix clay tumblers.

Dropped off 3 bowls by request to the Volcano Art Center gallery for a customer where I met Nelson and Kainoa Makua (father and son) who are having an exhibition at the gallery until June 27.

Ceramic artist Kainoa Makua on the left and graphic artist Nelson Makua on the right.
Nelson Makua’s painting.
Kainoa Makua’s vessels.

Took pottery to VAC gallery. Started trimming tumblers.

Threw 10 small tumblers using 12 lbs. Bmix and 12 bowls with corners using 20 lbs. Bmix both for orders.

Also threw 2 large vases for VAC using 8 lbs. Bmix each.