Welcome to RYH Pottery

RYH Pottery is located in Volcano Village near the entrance to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii.  RYH Pottery specializes in functional ware with a Japanese  influence.

 If you plan to be in the area, feel free to visit our studio/gallery.  Please call (808) 985-8530 or email us at ron@ryhpottery.com to set up an appointment.

RYH Pottery was established in 1991 by Ron Hanatani after returning from a 3 year stay in Kyoto, Japan where he studied pottery and the Japanese language.

Prior to living in Japan, he worked as a geologist with the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory located in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  He exchanged working with volcanoes as a geologist to working with clay and fire as a potter.

RYH Pottery began as a one-man operation and continues to be so  to this day.  All of the work involved is done by the owner.  This includes wedging the clay, forming the piece on the wheel or slab roller, drying and bisque firing,  decorating  and glaze firing.

The pottery done at RYH Pottery is mainly functional ware made primarily for the people of the Big Island.  This includes bowls, plates, mugs, teacups, vases, and planters.  Although they can be found in several locations throughout the State of Hawaii, most of the pottery is sold directly to customers from the RYH Pottery studio/gallery in Volcano, Hawaii.