Monday, 8/2/2021

Threw 7 dinner plates (12″ x 1.5″ thrown) for a Maui customer’s order using 4 lbs. Bmix each.

Unloaded the glaze firing from the small gas kiln (took only 1 day to cool down) and the results ranged from slightly underfired on the bottom shelf to heavily reduced on the upper shelves,.

Top Shelf (4th) Speckled plates are glazed with Ohia ash from my neighbor’s fireplace.
3rd Shelf
2nd Shelf
Bottom Shelf (1st)
Heavily Reduced Mugs & Teacups

Sunday, 8/1/2021

Fired the small gas kiln glaze fire in 10 hrs. 18 minutes and used 7 % propane.

Customers from Volcano Village and Hilo came by to pick up pottery.